Tropical paradise! Plumeria trees and palms. Mary would have loved it. Placed some ashes on some shells and covered them with a shell. 😓 Having trouble posting pictures of Samoa. Will try again when I get to Cambodia.

Easter Island – part two

Spent a very full day today: visited statues at sunrise, explored lava tubes, saw the sight of the birdman cult and the on a flight to Tahihiti for refueling and finally to Samoa. By the time I hit the bed it was midnight tomorrow and it was 6 AM yesterday back in Tennessee.

Macchu Picchu

I made it to fabled Incan city in the clouds. Thunder and lightning over distant peaks, the sun and clouds playing hide and seek. Knowledgeable guides provide insight into the ruins. Next stop Easter Island.  


I have learned so much about Incan culture! Beautiful and industrious people. Their engineering and agricultural skills were so amazing. The picture with circular steppes was where they worked adaptation of food crops to different microclimates in addition to experiments with soil types and fertilization. Their ability to fit stones together so precisely boggles the […]