On The Road!

What an amazing experience! The level of detail is beyond spectacular. The flight, the meals, the service and accommodations beyond compare. Landed in Lima and transferred to a charter flight to Cusco and then on to the hotel. It is an old Convent built on the foundation of an Incan temple. Tomorrow off to explore […]

Bucket List Pre-Trip

Anticipation for the trip around the world is building! Attending to a myriad details trying to get everything ready for the pet sitter and getting last minute shots and meds. I don’t want to overpack but I also want to make sure I have what I need. Now that the website is built I will […]

Is God Intelligent?

Gut reaction? Well, D’UH! Of COURSE God is intelligent. However, upon further reflection, what is meant by intelligence? For that matter, what is meant by God? We’ll get to those shortly but a really big issue for me is how we are always trying to put God into a box. GOD IN A BOX As […]