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1. Numbers

One thing I know beyond any doubt is that I am sane and yet…
The second I started paying attention I began to question my sanity. Except it seemed so insane as I reflected on what I was noticing and yet…
The Holy Trinity factored into what I noticed was happening around me. The 2008 Olympics in China and even the concept of unity, but had it always been this way and simply noticing it and recording it had brought to my attention that it was something…

2. Quantum Processor

Time. It always seemed to come down to time. Who could do it quicker? Who was the fastest? Do we have enough time? There are never enough hours in the day. Francine was obsessed with time and when she took on the challenge of creating a computer program that would have the fastest processing…

3. Through the Magnifying Glass

A tale of two children both short and yet tall,
Who discover a land where things are quite small…

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